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End of an (s)Era

End of an (s)Era
Photo by Glen Carrie / Unsplash

I chose my sex work retirement date - 10.01.23 - in April of 2021. I gave myself time to make several smart new hires & elevate PEP to the ready state it's in; I announced my retirement a year in advance, giving callers ample time to connect w/ me. I like a long good-bye - it's romantic &, considering some of my PEP Callers & I have talked for 15 to 20 years, we deserve the amorous long good-bye. We've lasted longer than many relationships in the outside world ;).

But the end of the Sera Miles Era at PEP is coming, & Ms Kaye, too, is retiring this year - on May 15, 2023. Kaye & I did so many thrilling double calls! We walked L. thru the intensity of saline infusion; we scared E. w/ Ms Kaye's fierce ability to RUN THE FUCK. We taunted a certain someone w/ baby talk & rustling pantyhose; many men got lulled into a subservient state w/ Ms Kaye's expert hypnosis, so that I could use them for my pleasure.

Over the years, Kaye often complimented me on how I grew PEP since taking over as CEO/ owner on Dec 8, 2015. She couldn't see me thru the phone, of course, but how I beamed! Kaye is a tour de force in the world of S&M culture & community, & her kind words lit me up w/ joy. She's not one to bullshit; I'd say both Kaye & I say what we mean & value precision in communication. In other words: Kaye's compliments are of the highest value: sincere.

I so hope you will prioritize booking w/ Kaye before she retires in May; & w/ me, before I retire in Oct. It's the end of an era at PEP in many ways this year; likewise, doors are opening for our very bright future ... at PEP, at Sera Miles & Beyond ...