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We've needed this long enough, haven't we: a one stop place where you can keep up w/ BECS (Becoming), PEP, & my adventures in writing, teaching, traveling, & beyond.

You're here. We're here together!

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  1. For me to take a few weeks to find my footing. Once I have the perfect writing shoes, though, it's ON!
  2. Up to date info on what's new at BECS
  3. Up to date info on what's new at PEP
  4. Short pieces about the topix dearest to my heart: love, passion, relationships, amatonormativity, polyamory, pleasure politics, & poetry.
  5. Longer pieces on the topix & ppl dearest to my poetic heart.
  6. Essays & creative pieces from other brilliant folx - from the Ladies of PEP & beyond
  7. More! That will surprise, I'm sure, BOTH of us

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xo - SM

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